Androgyny is a movement; a statement of non conformity.


It is the gray area. 


It is not only a band, it is a lifestyle.


It is hard to be different; to be so misunderstood.


 Psychological Abuse, Gender Identity, Sexuality, Society’s Pressures, Vanity, Conformity, Love, Lust, Addiction.


There are no boxes; no labels.


Dylan Melody is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, composer, comic book writer, and former actor. He is known for his role as a composer of the film ‘Heart Like A Hand Grenade’ which followed Green Day’s 9 month album production of ‘American Idiot’. He collaborated with the Film Director (John Roecker) to form an Art Rock band called Roecker | Melody. The Band released a 10 song album, ‘One Foot On The Mattress, The Other On The Floor’, which had its debut on Record Store Day 2016.

The album was signed and released by Independent Punk Label, Frontier Records alongside artists like Suicidal Tendencies, Adolescents and The Damned. Dylan went on to form a new emo/alternative rock band in 2017 called ANDRoGYNY, which will had it’s first independen single (CANDY) released in 2021. The 12 song concept record, ‘LoVE iS FREEDoM’ was produced by Guitarist Dan Precision (88 Fingers Louie , Rise Against ) in 2019 and was set to release in 2020, but due to the global pandemic, was postponed.