“Dylan didn’t need to be directed- he knew exactly how to communicate with the lens. He was so good, in fact, that I took it upon myself to shake things up a bit and place him in environments that were a bit out of his comfort zone. No matter where we were-the streets of Hollywood, the LA Metro, the Pacific Ocean- Dylan always gave me something fascinating to capture.


Dylan’s music is rebellious, melodic, and very much NOW. It’s living, breathing proof that rock and roll will never die. I hoped to capture the visual aspect of this wild artistic spirit. Looking over theses photos, I’d say we succeeded!”

James St. Vincent- Visual storyteller from the streets of New York City. @jamesstvincent Instagram

Welcome to a world where Identity has no boundary. Take a peak through the lens of James St. Vincent, whose photoshoot features lead singer, creator and writer for Androgyny, Dylan Melody. Take a step on the wild side with the backdrops of Hollywood and Downtown Los Angeles, California. The renowned city of angels, where all creeds, genders and personalities are accepted, is now an epicenter to the androgynous and LGBTQ community. Let your freak flag fly.